Greenwich DX Sports Labs

Greenwich DX Sports Labs


The Challenge

Starting from scratch! We love starting from scratch because we get to do it right from the beginning!

We received a name and a list of services, descriptions, example reports, and bios for the key players. 

The target market is health aware fitness enthusiasts in the Greenwich, CT area who would invest in thorough testing to help maximize their sports training.


The Solution

The first step was developing the brand - starting with the logo. We based it around the chemical compound of testosterone given the diagnostic nature of the business. Combining that with a clean font gave us a simple logo that effectively communicates what they do.

The website was built on WordPress, allowing easy editing capabilities for any of the owners who wish to make edits, changes, or contribute new content. Honestly, since they opened for business, I think they have been too busy to do many updates with the site. 

We also produced artwork for them to use on all of their social media channels - icon/avatars, cover photos, backgrounds, etc.

In all, we were able to provide Greenwich DX Sports Labs a consistent brand presentation and a kick-ass website that helps visitors understand how they can improve their game by better understanding their own body.




Website Design

Day Turnaround

Happy Partners

New Logo


Greenwich DX Sports Labs

New Website


Greenwich DX Sports Labs

Strong Call-to-Action


Greenwich DX Sports Labs