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The Challenge

Ashleigh came to us as a referral from one of our long-standing clients because she was basically abandoned by her previous web designer. After investing her hard earned cash into a website from a "fitness website expert", Ashleigh was left with a website that was constantly being hacked, was difficult to use, and she couldn't even get a call back from her web designer.

After the initial evaluation, we determined that she needed some major security fixes made to her site right away, along with some training on how to use her over-complicated website.

After a few months of working with Ashleigh and getting a feel for what she really wanted her website to do for her business, we were able to propose a new site built on WordPress that would allow her more control over the site, make the update process much easier, allow her the ability to promote products to earn affiliate commission, andĀ give her the ability to easily add videos to her website.


TheĀ Solution

The first step with Ashleigh's site was to save the ship from sinking. She had some major security outpoints that were just making her a target for would-be hackers of the world. Once that was done, we were able to take the time to explain to her how her website works and walk her through the process of making changes to her old site.

After working with her off and on for a couple of months, we determined that she actually needed a new site that would better fit her needs. Her growing business required the ability to promote and sell products, she needed to be able to add training videos, and it needed to be simple to use.

We built her a new site using WordPress as the content management system with a WooCommerce shopping cart. We were able to set up product pages for all of the products that she wanted to recommend and embedded her affiliate tracking codes so that she can get credit for sales made coming from her website. We got her set up with a vimeo account so she can control what domains can use her training videos.

We were definitely able help her with all aspects of her business relating to the web and we also continue to manage her website content. Not because she can't do it, but because she is too darn busy to do it herself!



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